Delran, NJ – 249.78 DC

Project Summary

Location: Delran, NJ
Installation Type: Rooftop Mounted Solar System
System Size: 249.78 DC
System Production: 311,681

About the project

Millside Plaza is a busy shopping mall in Delran, New Jersey that has over 30 retailers. Evergreen developed the solar system which included negotiating the lease and power purchase agreements between the system owner, landlord and tenants.

System Specifications

Mounted on Millside Plaza shopping center is a total of 724 solar panels. With 3 inverters and 2 Interconnections, the system reaches a total DC size of 249.78 kW the system’s estimated annual output is 311,681 KWh of solar energy-enough to power 26 US homes. By sequestering an annual 221 metric tons of carbon, Millside Plaza shopping center carbon reduction is equal to that of 271 acres of US forest.