North Brunswick, NJ – 355.35 DC

Project Summary

Location: North Brunswick, NJ
Installation Type: Rooftop Mounted Solar System
System Size: 355.35 DC
System Production: 440,876

About the project

Focus Camera started with a little camera shop in Brooklyn, New York. They were a pioneer in e-commerce, and now have a 100,000+ square foot warehouse that serves millions of photography and imaging artists around the world. Evergreen developed and installed solar energy systems for two of their warehouses in North Brunswick, New Jersey, which not only power their commercial operations, but in turn power up the multitude of community projects that Focus Camera supports.

System Specifications

Focus Camera’s solar expansive system spans two rooftops. The network is made up of 1,030 solar panels and two separate interconnections, for a total size of 355.35kW DC. Generating an anticipated 440,876 kWh of clean energy annually, Focus Camera’s carbon reduction is equal to that of 312 acres of US forest over a year.