Matawan,NJ -244.24 DC

Project Summary

Location: Matawan, NJ
Installation Type: Rooftop Mounted Solar System
System Size: 244.24 DC
System Production: 301,752

About the project

Hudson Equities uses a disciplined investment strategy that focuses on staying “ahead of the curve” by analyzing each acquisition using an immediate, mid-term and residual-value approach. Hudson Equities Management portfolio of experience includes the operation of over 1 million Square Feet of office buildings in the tri-state area.

System Specifications

On top of Hudson Equites’ roof is a 244.24kW DC system comprised of 568 solar panels and 2 string inverters. Generating an anticipated 301,752kWh per year, this system enables Hudson Equites to avoid expelling 131 metric tons of carbon into the environment, a carbon reduction comparable to that of 156 acres of US forest.