Hamilton, NJ-1,295.80

Project Summary

Location: Hamilton, NJ
Installation Type: Rooftop Mounted Solar System
System Size: 1295.80 DC
System Production: 1,492,677

About the project

Opal Holdings is a prominent real estate investment firm based in New York City. Opal Holdings targets value-added or opportunistic properties in the office, retail, residential, and hotel sectors looking to be repositioned or redeveloped. The Opal acquisition team identifies, acquires, and adds value to underperforming real estate assets in prime locations and generates significant returns for investors and partners. Opal Holdings has $4,000,000,000 + assets under management under its Real Estate portfolio.

System Specifications

Mounted on American Metro Center is a total of 2,728 solar panels. With 9 inverters and 2 interconnections, the system reaches a total DC size of 1,295.80kW. The system’s estimated annual output is 1,492,677KWh of solar energy-enough to power 81 US homes. By sequestering an annual 646 metric tons of carbon, American Metro Center carbon reduction is equal to that of 770 acres of US forest.