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Solar Demystified

Solar Demystified

Solar power systems are fairly simple systems without any moving parts. They are modular, quick to install, and require little to no maintenance. Below is a list of the primary components that make up a solar power system:

Solar Modules (or Panels): Placed on your roof (above) or configured as a ground mount, the modules collect sunlight to make DC (Direct Current) Electricity. When sunlight strikes the solar modules (photovoltaic cells) the modules generate DC voltage and current. The modules are grouped together and wired in series so that output is increased depending on the number of modules in the circuit. The DC current is sent to an inverter which converts the DC power to AC power which can then be fed into the incoming electric grid from the power company.

If the draw for power from the house or business is greater than the solar modules are producing, then they act as a supplement to the power from the utility company and reduce the amount of power being paid for, but if the amount of power they are producing is greater than the demand from the house or business, then that power is fed back into the electric grid and you are now selling power back to the power company. When this happens your electric meter will spin backwards (net-metering) providing a credit on your bill.

Evergreen Energy will do a free onsite evaluation of your home or business after a phone consultation and can accurately estimate how much money you will save with a solar electricity system installed at your location.

The panels must have access to sunlight, so one of the first steps of your consultation for a home or business will be to determine if there are trees or structures that would cast shade on a solar system.

Most modules come with a 25-year manufacturer warranty, so you don’t have to worry about the technology–it is guaranteed to perform for at least 25 years!

Inverters (Shown in the garage above): Take the DC electricity from the panels and converts it into the AC electricity that your home uses. The inverters are tied directly to your electrical panel to power your home.

Your inverter will tell you how much power is being produced by your solar system. Inverters typically come with a 10-year warranty.

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