Project Summary

Location: Elizabeth, NJ
Installation Type: Rooftop Mounted Solar System
System Size: 947.7 DC
System Production: 1,174,812

Project Overview

Superflex Ltd. manufactures flexible spiral hoses, tubing, and electrical conduits. Originally based in Brooklyn, New York, they relocated to more expansive manufacturing facilities along the Elizabeth Seaport in New Jersey during the year 2018. Since the new, larger plant would consume more energy, Superflex reached out to Evergreen to develop a solar system that would maximize the roof space for high energy use. After working with PSE&G for many months to gain interconnection approval, Evergreen coordinated the solar design with the building’s architect so the system was ready to use by the time Superflex moved in.

System Specifications

On the bank of the Elizabeth River, solars consisting of 2,916 panels and 23 string inverters make up a 948 kW solar system. All solar modules were installed without any roof penetration so as not to compromise the roof warranty.
The company’s choice to use solar energy will result in the avoidance of 861 metric tons of carbon per year, –the amount of carbon reduction caused by a vast 1,020 acres of US forests.

After installing the solar material on the roof, Evergreen worked with Atlantic City Electric, the local utility, to develop communication devices and modifications on the medium voltage lines to protect the electrical grid. Accommodating AC Electric’s extensive specifications was no simple feat, but Evergreen succeeded and obtained interconnection approval.