Project Summary

Location: Sayreville, NJ
Installation Type: Rooftop Mounted Solar System
System Size: 461.16 DC
System Production: 571,026 kWh

Project Overview

Onsource Logistics offers warehousing, distribution and technical services to businesses. Their mission is to provide top-level logistical and operational services, enabling customers to devote themselves to the sale of products and expansion of their businesses instead of getting caught up in technicalities.

System Specifications

Made up of 1,512 panels and 11 string inverters, Onsource Logistics’ system has a DC size of 461.16 kW and an annual estimated output of 571,026 kWh of clean energy. By preventing an annual 404 metric tons of carbon from being released into the environment, this system is doing the work of 527 acres of US forest in a year.