Project Summary

Location: Cranford, NJ
Installation Type: Rooftop Mounted Solar System
System Size: 119.56 DC
System Production: 149,344 kWh

Project Overview

Located in Cranford, New Jersey, National Mill Industry is a privately held importer of hosiery, sleepwear, loungewear, and general apparel. They offer a variety of branded closeout clothes, and their own brands, Carnival Creations and Rugged Frontier, are carried by retailers across the globe.

System Specifications

With 392 modules, three inverters, and 119.56 kW DC peak power, this rooftop solar system is relatively small. Even so, it offsets 100% of National Mill Industry’s electric bill–and does the work of 138 acres of US forest by sparing the environment 106 metric tons of carbon emissions annually.