Project Summary

Location: Clifton, NJ
Installation Type: Rooftop Mounted Solar System
System Size: 443.75 DC
System Production: 536,140 kWh

Project Overview

Based out of New Jersey, Fidelity Industries is a leading manufacturer of fabric-backed vinyl wallpaper. Ever conscious of their environmental footprint, they’re very proactive when it comes to going green. Their wallcoverings are sustainable as well as stylish, and they slashed 90% of their water consumption by switching from well water to a closed-loop cooling system. They embraced the opportunity to power their three buildings in Wayne, Clifton and Paterson with renewable energy.

System Specifications

Neatly arranged atop Fidelity’s 3 facilities are a total of 1,940 solar panels, for a combined peak power of 740 kW DC. Together, the 3 arrays produce around 894,171 kWh of solar power a year, offsetting 70% of the energy Fidelity consumes in Wayne and 100% of the energy they consume in Clifton. By making the change to solar power, Fidelity is avoiding the expulsion of 632 metric tons of carbon into the atmosphere–a carbon reduction equal to that created by 826 acres of US forest in a year.

Generating approximately 207,411 kWh of clean energy annually, this array offset 70% of Fidelity’s energy consumption. By reducing their carbon emissions by 147 metric tons, Fidelity’s solar system does the job of 192 acres of US forest over the course of a year.