Project Summary

Location: Piscataway, NJ
Installation Type: Rooftop Mounted Solar System
System Size: 112.24 DC
System Production: 138,013 kWh

Project Overview

Deals for Less is an importer of a variety of toys and gadgets, which they sell on Amazon. In an effort to decrease both their utility bills and their environmental footprint, Deals for Less contracted Evergreen Energy to convert their Piscataway, New Jersey warehouse to be powered by solar electricity.

System Specifications

With 368 modules, this 112.24 kW system has the ability to generate 138,013 kWh each year. It was designed to offset 100% of the company’s electric bill, but the system’s benefits extend beyond the financial sphere. By sparing the environment 97.6 metric tons of harmful carbon emissions yearly and sequestering as much carbon as 127 acres of US forest over the course of a year, Deals for Less is helping conserve our planet’s resources