Project Summary

Location: Cherry Hill, NJ
Installation Type: Rooftop Mounted Solar System
System Size: 399.16 DC
System Production: 500,658 kWh

Project Overview

Cherry Hill Office Center is a business complex in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Their well-kept office suites–which are split up over five buildings–are rented out to a variety of professionals, medical offices, business owners, and non-profit organizations.

System Specifications

Mounted on Cherry Hill Office Center’s five buildings are a total of 1,174 solar panels. With 12 inverters and five interconnections, the system reaches a total DC size of 399.16 kW. The system’s estimated annual output is 500,658 kWh of solar energy–enough to power 45 US homes. By sequestering an annual 354 metric tons of carbon, Cherry Hill Office Center’s carbon reduction is equal to that of 462 acres of US forest over the course of a year.