Project Summary

Location: Meriden, CT
Installation Type: Rooftop Mounted Solar System
System Size: 1.327 MW DC
System Production: 1,436,513 kWh

Project Overview

Since its 1954 inception, the Bob’s Stores retail chain has grown to include 30 locations across the northeast. They carry a wide range of everyday apparel for men, women, and children, and are also known for their assortment of well-priced footwear, workwear, and licensed team sportswear.

To scale down their exorbitant electric bill while gaining access to the corporate benefits available to those who go green, Bob’s Stores’ distribution center in Meriden, Connecticut, decided to upgrade to solar power.

System Specifications

Bob’s distribution center is huge, and they needed a solar system to match. With 3,588 modules and 12 inverters, their mounted rooftop array has a peak power of 1.327 MW. It generates an estimated 1,436,513 kWh per year–enough to power 135 homes. By making the change from electricity to solar, Bob’s system prevents the release of a whopping 1,016 metric tons of carbon into the atmosphere, resulting in a carbon reduction equivalent to that of 1,326 acres of US forest in a year.